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Walz Signs Lease for Alternate Care Center in Roseville, MN


New Alternate Care Site in Roseville, MN

(Minnesota) – Governor Walz and the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) officially signed the lease for an alternate care center in Roseville, MN.

“Minnesotans deserve as much peace of mind as we can give them during this pandemic, and signing this lease is another way we’ve made good use of the time Minnesotans have bought us by staying home and slowing the spread of COVID-19…”

-Governor Walz

Among rising cases of COVID-19, hospitals are becoming increasingly full, creating the need to search for places that can be used as alternate care facilities around Minnesota. The Presbyterian Homes-Langton Place has been deemed suitable to act as an alternate care site in the event that hospitals become overcrowded. This site will be able to provide low-level medical care and be able to monitor patients, but will not be used as a walk-up care facility and will not be used for COVID-19 patients. Governor Walz says “By setting up this alternate care site in Roseville, our team is making sure that—should it ever be needed—our hospitals have the capacity they need to treat all patients who need care.”

In order to track the need for these facilities, the Minnesota Department of Health has been collecting hospital surge capacity data such as beds that can be ready in 24-72 hours, ventilator surge capacity, and ventilators on back orders. This information will aide in deciding if use of the new care site is needed. Hospital expansion capacities will be utilized first, then moving towards the off site facilities once full and only used by the patients who can be safely transferred.

“Should we ever reach the point when we need extra space in our hospitals, this alternate care site will be ready for Minnesotans.”

– Joe Kelly, director of DPS-HSEM

A working group is being created by collaboration of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DPS-HSEM), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Minnesota National Guard, and the Minnesota Department of Health with the intent to identify locations that could be used for alternate care sites.

“If the alternate care site is needed, it will mirror hospital spaces, which is why we prioritized sites like Presbyterian Homes-Langton Place, which has some of this infrastructure already in place, over larger open-space community facilities.”

– State Healthcare Coordination Center (SHCC) Manager Dr. John Hick

If an alternate care site is needed, the State Healthcare Coordination Center (SHCC) will determine the requirements for equipping, staffing, and securing the sites. The SHCC is also in collaboration with the SEOC, the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency to establish care site locations that suit the regional needs throughout Minnesota.

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