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Even though we are still 10 months away from the 2022 election, where the great citizens of Minnesota will be heading to the polls on November 8th to vote in a new governor. In recent days a new candidate has been added to the ballot. U.S. Army Veteran and former health care executive Kendall Qualls announced he will be running for Governor in the 2022 election. There are now 8 candidate’s on the ballot, Republican: Senator. Michelle Benson, Former Senator Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, Mayor Mike Murphy, and Mike Marti. Then for the for the Democratic Party: Governor Tim Walz,

Qualls says, “the radical left has morphed the culture of the country where it is not recognizable”. Qualls is a long time Minnesotan resident who lives in Edina, where he resides with his wife and five children.


Qualls made a run for congress during the 2020 election, which did not go his way. The 2020 election was one of the most heated elections in our nations history. The last time Minnesotans elected a republican was in 2011 when Tim Pawlenty was in office. Even though it is very unclear to see which way minnesotans will vote in the 2022 election. In the past, results show that Minnesota tends to sway in the more Democratic side of the aisle.



The big thing to do before you go out and vote, make sure you know who you are voting for. See what each republican and democratic candidate’s values, and policies they stand by. Look at each of those items before making your final decision. It is important to know who you are voting for before going to the polls on November 8th.


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