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St. Cloud State Students React to Racist Posts Made By Screamtown Owner


The owner of a twin cities Halloween attraction is facing major backlash after he wrote a Facebook post on a private page that was calling for “a zero-tolerance policy with Somalis” and went viral.

Screamtown owner Matt Dunn has since published an apology on their Facebook page, but calls for a boycott of Screamtown continue to spread online.

It all started with a post to a private Facebook page and an all staff email. They said scream town now has “a zero-tolerance policy with Somalis”

The Halloween attraction not only received major backlash on social media, with people saying “shame on you” and calling the owner “racist and Islamophobic,” But member of the St. Cloud Somali community also had more to say

“Discrimination against a certain group based on some people’s actions is really not the wisest thing to do” said St. Cloud State Somali Student Anas Abdulahi.

In fact, another Somali student, Ifrah Hasan, was planning on going to scream town with her friends

“I thought it was going to be a nice experience but now seeing that post and seeing how the owner feels about my people from my community I don’t feel comfortable going, I don’t feel wanted” Hasan said.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Dunn gave a formal apology saying “[Screamtown] welcomes all people to their event” and he apologizes for “any post that were generalizing”

Abdulahi says he shouldn’t have made the generalization in the first place

“If you have a problem with a specific person go after that one person don’t make but if you paint the brush over the entire community you andrt solving that problem you are making more problems” Abdulahi says.

UTVS News reached out to Dunn Wednesday for comment and he said he was busy meeting with Somali leaders. He told us he realizes his first post was poorly written and apologizes for offending members of the Somali community.

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