St. Cloud mayor holds his 11th State of the City Address


ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – Today (Tuesday) marks St. Cloud mayor Dave Kleis’ 11th annual State of the City Address. This event took place at 12:30 p.m. at the River’s edge Convention Center in Downtown St. Cloud.

Last year, the theme for this address was defining St. Cloud as “Motivated to Succeed.” This year, Mayor Kleis says, “St. Cloud is You.” This means St. Cloud isn’t just a city, it’s the people who make up the city.

The mayor informed the community of numerous projects happening in the area, as well as a number of recent accomplishments. Some projects mentioned are ongoing from previous years, others are brand new.

The city of St. Cloud builds each year. Kleis states, “Things change, demographics change, challenges change.”

According to Kleis, the most important project is always the budget. The city gets over $100 million, then decides which organizations and projects are of the highest priority to divvy that out to.

Public Safety receives a great portion of the money. Kleis says the city has never reduced this organization’s budget at all over the last eleven years because “that’s [their] highest priority.”

Aside form these projects, an app catered specifically toward the city of St. Cloud is already available to Android users, and will soon be available to Apple users on May 1st, 2016.

St. Cloud City on the Go

The app is called St. Cloud City on the Go. Kleis says it can be used “whether you’re paying a bill or want to know about some information, you want to serve on a board or commission, or you want to see what’s happening in town, you can just go on the app.”

According to the mayor, the city has also won seventeen awards since last years State of City Address. Eight of those were given after January 1st of this year.

Kleis says we have won awards such as “the 16th Best Arts Community in the Nation, the 8th Best Hockey Town in the Country, etc.”

He is appreciative of each and every recognition the city is given. He states, “You sometimes lose sight because you’re busy. But that external view of the community is really important because these are other people that are coming to the community and seeing something that you might take for granted.”

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