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Potential Bump Stock Ban May Come from Department of Justice not Congress

The seal of the United States Department of Justice

The Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions has spoken Tuesday about the potential for the Department of Justice to ban bump stock gun modifications without Congress passing a law. Bump stocks are modifications to specific semi-automatic rifles that allow the weapon to simulate automatic fire by manipulating recoil. This type of accessory was used in the Las Vegas shooting last October to allow the shooter to fire in much longer sustained bursts than manually firing each round. Sessions said that officials within the Justice Department have been examining previous Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) rulings on the subject and believe it is possible to ban the modifications through the regulatory process. Previously, ATF officials have said that any ban on bump stocks would have to come through an act of Congress rather than the Justice Department or their own rulings. Sessions said that officials in the Justice Department are moving towards a ban with previous ATF legal opinions in mind.

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