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Life Link offers ray of hope as Covid-19 cases reach record high


Today The Minnesota Department of Health reported a massive jump in COVID-19 cases as 463 more Minnesotans have tested positive. The 463 person jump is a new single-day increase high in the state of Minnesota. The additional cases have now brought Minnesota’s total case number to 4,644 with a total of 319 deaths.

The main reason for the increase in confirmed cases statewide is that state and private labs combined to complete 2,915 new tests. The 2,915 tests is also a new day high for the state of Minnesota.

Officials say that the number of confirmed cases will continue to grow as testing accelerates. But increased testing for Covid-19 is not the only medical development happening in the state of Minnesota as Life Link has just confirmed there will be a new center here in Minnesota.

Today Life Link III announced a new helicopter base is planned for Rush City, Minnesota starting in the Summer of 2020. The company’s helicopter and airplane services provide on-scene emergency response and inter-facility transport for patients requiring critical care. Chief Executive Officer Steve Sterne stated;

“In order to provide patients with the best chance of survival, it is necessary that they have access to critical care no matter where they live,”

The Rush City base establishes Life Link III’s ninth helicopter base throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Life Link III has medically-configured helicopters and airplane which serve as flying intensive care units. Life Link III aircraft also feature advanced clinical capabilities onboard each aircraft including point-of-care laboratory testing and mechanical CPR.

This new base will be located at the Rush City Airport in partnership with Lakes Region EMS and will provide needed critical care resources to the region.

Life Link III works in partnership with local hospitals and public safety agencies to transport patients from accident scenes and from local hospitals to those that can provide specific expertise or higher level of care.

“By placing a new helicopter base in Rush City, we are ensuring that our communities will have an air medical resource available in the event transport to a higher level of care is required.”


The upcoming new base in Rush City will provide additional employment opportunities within Life Link III. With the creation of new clinical, aviation, and maintenance positions, Life Link III will continue to support the communities they serve in alignment with their mission and values.

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