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Las Vegas Mayor Talks About Re-Opening


Las Vegas Mayor Hopes to Re-Open City

Carolyn Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada, hopes to re-open the city. In a Skype interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, she discusses the importance of re-opening Vegas, her main focus on getting people back to work.

“Please let us re-open the city of Las Vegas, please let us get back to business.”

-Carolyn Goodman, Mayor

During the discussion, Anderson moved the conversation to the topic of testing and contact tracing. Carolyn is taking a hands-off approach when it comes to these COVID-19 responses, stating “that’s for our scientists.” (Carolyn Goodman) She states assisting the productions and distribution of tests and development of contact tracing is “sadly it is not my job.” Despite this hands-of approach, she encourages the citizens of Las Vegas in the event they test positive for COVID-19, to be a part of the preventative or treatment pool.

“It is a responsibility of each one of us as a human being and part of the civilized work to know when we’re sick…”

-Carolyn Goodman, Mayor

If the city is reopened, social distancing will still take place. This means finding out ways to social distance at casinos or hotels. Cooper asked how she plans to advise this.

She plans to open the city, and let the owners figure out social distancing themselves. Carolyn states she is not a “private owner”, and therefore has no idea how they will social distance, but is confident they will find a solution.

“You’re talking disease, I’m talking life.”

-Carolyn Goodman, Mayor

If everything opens up in Las Vegas, COVID-19 is still a threat to be accounted for. How will Las Vegas deal with corona virus outbreaks in businesses? Carolyn says if a business becomes an epicenter of disease, the competition will destroy it. “It’s not about anything other than putting those who’ve lost their jobs in a city that wasn’t broken and didn’t have disease back to work…”(Carolyn Goodman, Mayor)

After an explanation of how the virus spreads, her goal of reopening the city remains. She informs Anderson she had offered up the city of Las Vegas to be the ‘control group’.

“How do you know until you have a control group, we offered to be a control group. Anyone who knows anything about statistics knows that for instance…”

-Carolyn Goodman, Mayor

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