Dating During a Pandemic: Is It Possible?


When the current climate of the world being in the think of a pandemic, is it still possible to get onto the dating scene?  According to the many users of dating apps, it is.

One of those dating app users is Alyson Och, a St. Cloud State Student hoping to find a relationship.  She has been talking with someone for a few weeks now and they have been texting, snapchatting and meeting up in private.  They even went on a date to get McDonald’s through the drive thru.  Here’s what she said when asked if love could be possible given the world’s given climate:

“I don’t want to, like, rush into anything, but I feel like it is.  You just have to be smart about it.”

Online can appeal to everyone, including Jami Shapiro, a single mother of three.  She stated that she is apart of a single parents group on Facebook and that many other parents are not wanting to date because they wouldn’t be able to meet up with the person, “so what’s the point?”.  Shapiro was looking at the situation differently, thinking that this would be just the reason to date someone and that “this was the time”.

Daniel Jones, the editor for Modern Love, a New York Times column, backs up Shapiro’s claims that this may just be the better time to put yourself out there on the dating scene, even when social distancing.

“Inhibitions can fall away and you can ask the deep questions and learn about their pasts and learn about their fears and learn about their hopes for the future.”

One couple in particular has gone viral online for their creative way of meeting.  Jeremy Cohen met Tori Cognorella when he saw her dancing on the rooftop of her apartment across the way.  He greeted her and gave her his phone number by flying his drone over with his number taped on it.  Since they met they have been on a few “dates”.  They’ve had a facetime dinner date where they sat on their rooftop and balcony, dressed up and ate dinner with each other.  They’ve walked around their neighborhood together while Cohen was in a giant blow-up hamster ball.  Cohen even surprised Cognorella in a film classic way by carrying a big boombox outside her window for her birthday.

“Obviously we filled this bond over this crazy scenario.  We also get along really well just as humans and as individuals, which is, like really nice to actually focus on”  ~ Tori Cognorella

During these uncertain times all over the world, there is one thing that seems certain – a pandemic will not stop the romance.

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