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COVID-19 in Minnesota Prisons


(MINNESOTA) — COVID-19 has spread to an inmate at a second Minnesota prison.

In the wake of COVID-19, one of the the groups at a higher risk are those in prison.  With confined spaces and high inmate populations, it is very likely for this virus to spread fast among inmates and staff.

The first prison in Minnesota to see a confirmed case of COVID-19 was at Moose Lake Prison.  As of Sunday, there are now 11 confirmed cases of the virus at the location along with dozens more that are showing symptoms.

According to a Department of Corrections update, the Willow River correctional facility has an inmate that tested positive for the coronavirus.  This makes Willow River the second correctional facility in Minnesota to have a positive case of the virus.

Because of this high-risk of spreading within the correctional facilities, Minnesota Department of Corrections Commissioner, Paul Schnell, has said that they will begin to release some state prisoners to lessen the spread.  This could be happening as early as this week within the states 11 correctional facilities.

On Friday, an inmate that was brought to Hennepin County Jail tested positive for COVID-19 as well.  The inmate was placed in isolation while they were waiting for the pending results.  Once the result came back positive, the inmate was released to self-isolate at home.


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