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Celebrating Easter at Home


St Cloud, MN – Due to Covid-19, many are stuck in there own homes for this upcoming Easter Holiday.  Even though it may not be a typical way to celebrate the holiday, there are still plenty of things to do while staying in isolation.

One big thing that many people do for Easter is go to Easter Sunday Mass.  You may not be able to go to church, but church can come to you via the Internet.  Many churches and religious institutions around the globe are moving their services online and are doing multiple live streams every week.  This is even happening right here in Saint Cloud and on the SCSU campus.

The Newman Center is a Catholic Ministry for students located on the north side of campus off First Ave.  They provide a mass service and morning meditation daily, Tuesday through Friday along with their Sunday Services.  All of these services are live-streamed on Youtube.    For more details about the Newman Center services click here.

Easter doesn’t just consist of going to church.  Many kids normally participate in community egg hunts. Since the world is on lockdown, doing things in big crowds are not ideal, so instead households can do an egg hunt in their own backyards or inside their homes.  If you don’t have eggs, real or fake, you can hide items and prizes around the house however you want.  This also doesn’t have to be for the kids, but for people of all ages!  Let’s face it, a lot of us are getting stir crazy, so doing something like this can kill some time and make you forget about what is happening in world.  For fun ideas for Easter egg hunts click here.

Many people will be missing out on community or family gatherings during this time.  For this, you can call family members up on the phone or create a Zoom or Skype meeting with these people that are closest to you.  It may be hard to go this long without seeing these people, so Easter may be the best excuse to get together with everyone online and catch up.  You could even play games online together.  Speaking of games, with the members of your household, you can make Sunday a gameday and break out the board games and decks of cards.

There is no limit to what you can do in your own home for Easter, on top of everything else you can craft, dress up, turn your cat or dog into a rabbit, and much more.  Even though we may be stuck inside, it doesn’t mean that Easter is cancelled or that you can’t celebrate and have fun.



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