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BREAKING: President and first lady test positive for covid-19


Earlier this morning President Donald Trump announced that he has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus along with his wife Melania.

This could be a large health risk to the President, as he sits in on of the more risky age categories for contracting the virus. He is 74 years old which is the category with the third most amount of deaths according the CDC, behind the 75-84 and 85+ age ranges. This could also be a health risk to democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden who recently debated against President Trump on Tuesday and is also 77 years old and in a risky age range.

President Trump tweeted earlier that he and his wife will begin their quarantine immediately.

The diagnosis of COVID-19 may be a game changer in a political climate where the disease has been highly politicized and was a hot topic at the debate on Tuesday.

Stay tuned to UTVS news for more information.

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