Weather for the Granite City: (Valid 4:00 PM on 03/28)

Summary: Spring is certainly in full swing as we have seen temperatures in the upper 50’s this past week! However, it comes with a price, as we are at risk of some minor flooding in St. Cloud this weekend.  Temperatures will fall before they rise back up into the mid 50’s yet again by the beginning of next work week!



Tonight: Overcast with temperatures falling into the mid 20’s.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny skies with a few lingering clouds.  High of 45 and an overnight low of 23.

Saturday: Sunny skies and temperatures well below average with a high of 36.  Slightly breezy with a low of 19.

Sunday: Warm air bounces back and a few clouds roll in.  High of 46 with an overnight low of 25.

Monday: More clouds continue to move into the region as temps continue to climb into the 50’s.  High of 51 with an overnight low of 35.

Tuesday: Temperatures continue to rise and clouds continue to roll in.  20% chance of rain with a high of 55.  Low of 39.

Have a great weekend enjoy the sunshine this weekend!!

– Student Meteorologist Michael Dandrea