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New York Times Puts St. Cloud, as Number Two, on the Highest Average Growing Cases for COVID-19


After the New York Times posted the article of, “Five Ways to Follow the Coronavirus Outbreak for Any Metro Area in the U.S.” citizens of St. Cloud and Minnesotans were shocked to see the city at number 2 for highest average growing cases. According to WCCO article, Mayor Dave Kleis feels that “people must looked beyond the numbers”.

(credit New York Times)

Kleis said “Without the narrative that goes with it, this is just a chart,” -Jeff Wagner

When the New York Times article came out, May 3rd, the cases in St. Cloud were at 540 new cases for COVID-19. The number has increased and is now at 1,010 new cases four days later. The daily growth rate is at 22% and cases are doubling every three and a half days.

” a recent boost in testing statewide is partly why cases spiked” says Mayor Kleis -Jeff Wagner

Mayor Kleis wants to continue to monitor cases in St. Cloud due to the importance, however he wants to make sure that the local hospitals have enough beds for those who become sick; according to WCCO reporter Jeff Wagner .

Kleis stated, “That’s what keeps me up at night is to make sure that we’re doing everything we can so that we don’t overwhelm the health care system, because that’s where it becomes dangerous,” Kleis said. “Don’t fixate on the numbers. Fixate on our ability to respond in our healthcare system. And we have that [hospital] capacity right now thanks to what people are doing.” -Jeff Wagner

With the increase of cases in the Granite City, residents of St.Cloud can try to avoid getting sick by staying at home and following social distancing. If you or someone you know in the St. Cloud area have symptoms of COVID-19 reach out to your nearest hospital via phone.

Coronavirus In MN: New York Times Dubs St. Cloud A Potential COVID-19 Hot Spot; Mayor Says ‘Don’t Fixate On The Numbers’


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