Trivia Competition Brings Much Needed Morale to Central Minnesota and Beyond


For 40 years St. Cloud’s Community Radio Station KVSC has brought a much needed break to the freezing weather in the depths of February. Starting in 1980 as a way to end cabin fever in the dorms, KVSC’s Trivia Weekend’s popularity spread like wildfire across Central Minnesota and beyond. The Annual Trivia Competition comprised of 50 hours of non-stop questions brought some fun and relief through Minnesota’s Winter Hibernation. Now in a world turned upside down by the Coronavirus, KVSC is answering the call again by bringing a miniature version of the competition to the Greater St. Cloud Community.

“The way Trivia Weekend Started way back in 1980 was for the same reason it was a cabin fever reviler”, said KVSC Station Manager Jo McMullen-Boyer. She continued saying this was a highly requested event from St. Cloud State Staff, “The Director of Counseling and Psychological Services… Dr. John Eggers, he emailed me within a week and said it would be cool if you could figure out how to have a small trivia, something fun for people to do.”

Trivia Weekend Posters from the past 40 years. (Credit:

Some of the usual players of Trivia were also requesting a competition via KVSC’s Social Media Pages.

“When people were starting to get their stay at home orders, and were going home, setting up home offices, on the KVSC Trivia Weekend Facebook Page there were some posts of people setting there computers and headsets. They were like hey we know how to do this because we do it for trivia or looks like our Trivia set up, hint-hint.” Said McMullen-Boyer.

After that it was a mission driven by KVSC’s Operations Director Jim Gray and backed by Students, Volunteers, and Alumni alike to make this vision a reality.

“It was something that Jim, Jo, and the Goat Posse (a dedicated group of KVSC & UTVS alumni) conjured up to pass the time”, said KVSC Program Director Sam Goetzinger. “Once they decided they should proceed with it, the Goat Posse and our production staff started working on promos and other elements to implement during the competition.”

Trivia Volunteers in the Phone Bank during Trivia University 2019 (Credit: University Chronicle)

McMullen-Boyer shared a similar sentiment to Goetzinger and said that once the process was started, it became a mission for KVSC.

“Okay it’s a cool Idea, once everyone figured out working then we took it seriously”, said McMullen-Boyer. She continued, “The question writers committed to sending in some questions, Jim [Gray] committed to a process, his wife is a big part of it Julia Gray she will be doing scoring, and then the challenge was laid to do this. So now the Goat Posse, Alumni and friends all across the United States the are doing the intro they will be using Twitch to have a live stream of the entire thing. There will be people on the air from their various homes across the country, so it was like lets try this and now I would say its like how can we make this happen.”

The announcement of a the 10 hour competition came to the rejoice of many players when it was announced by KVSC on the Trivia Facebook Page.

 “I love this so much! Needed this good news after a tough day at work”, said one response. Another simply said “BLESS YOU, KVSC!”

This comes as a relief to everyone including Jason Clemons a former UTVS alumni who has been a part of Trivia since 2001.

               “I think its something to look forward to. A majority of the members on our team have kids in school. Right now every day feels like groundhog day”. Clemons continued, “While this isn’t exactly the same as we are used to in February it will be a great challenge and the perfect amount of hours for a mini-challenge”. Clemons also stated his desire that if this event is a success it will be able to continue for years in the future. “We hope this will be something that we can do every year when we aren’t in lockdown. We’ve had a belief that it would be awesome tho have a mini-competition during the year. Like in the summer as a change to get together as a team”.

The annual competition is a great way for friends to reconnect and get together over something fun to do. Gotezinger and McMullen-Boyer both think that this will be a major boost for morale for many people.

“I think it will boost it [morale] positively… this will keep many people entertained and give them the ability to socialize and work with other people from a distance”, said Goetzinger. McMullen-Boyer said, “I think it is going to do wonders, particularly for a certain group of people who are really into this. By making it free, by really promoting it more people can play. You can see that there are people all over the country that are playing and its something fun a positive. Now the challenge is on them [the teams] to use technology to set up with their friends, and its just something fun. Trivia is meaningless its all about relieving cabin fever, so ultimately its about spending time with people in a creative way.”

As of 3:25 on Thursday there are more than 80 teams signed up to play, Jim Gray posted to the KVSC Trivia Facebook Page. But if you want to participate there is still time to sign up. The competition appropriately themed, “Trivia U Can’t Touch This 2020 ½” starts on Saturday April 18th at Noon CST. For more information about the event and how to register you can click the link below.


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