High School, Local, Top Stories — April 16, 2020 at 12:35 pm

Hill-Murray School Honors Seniors With Yard Signs


Schools across the nation have been shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak, leaving students of all ages uneasy. Although all students are feeling as though their school year has been cut short, hearts have been going out to those that don’t get to walk with their classmates for graduation: high school and college seniors. Hill-Murray School’s faculty worked hard to still give their seniors something to remember the year by.

The staff created signs for each senior to put into their lawn to represent their accomplishment of graduating high school. The students drove up to the school, and the teachers handed them the sign through their car windows. The hashtag on each sign says #ALLINTHISTOGETHER; a statement that shows that the school still believes in unity even away from the classroom. Hill-Murray senior Gracie Sevigny reflects on what these signs mean to her.

“It means a lot that the staff wanted to honor the senior class even though we are not in school. No one would have expected this year to go this way. With the efforts they have made to try to make us still feel appreciated, it really shows what the Hill-Murray community has to offer.”


Katherine Weyandt, another Pioneer senior, whose last softball season wearing the green and black got canceled, speaks about what the school has done to make this time a little less somber.

“I still feel a sense of unity within our school even though we can’t be physically at school or play our favorite sports. The school has used a lot of social media outlets to keep students updated with everything going on.”

Katherine mentions how her teachers showed their support as she picked up her yard sign.

“When we picked up our signs, a bunch of our teachers showed up to cheer us on, and show that they are here to support us. Just being able to see them and talk to them (from my car) was really nice. It showed that they are still thinking of us even in a time when there so much uncertainty. It gives me the sense that the school is still here for us and will remain unified.”

The seniors will not get their high school graduation the way they had envisioned, but they will now be able to look out their window to their lawns and remember that their school has them in mind. The sense of support and community is what is driving them to finish the year strong. #ALLINTHISTOGETHER.


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