Main Menu — April 25, 2019 at 8:52 pm

Illinois Chemical Spill


Twelve to fifteen people are in serious, but stable condition after a chemical spill near Chicago, Illinois. Anhydrous ammonia leaked from the containers they were being hauled in behind a tractor in Bench Park, Illinois. Lake County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Christopher Covelli mentioned that two of their officers were injured while responding to the spill because the fumes of the ammonia was so overpowering that it caused them to retreat. The driver of the tractor was also injured and taken to the hospital following the spill. Officers are stopping at each door inside a one-mile radius of the spill to ensure the safety of the residents. Residents have also been told that they need to shut down their ventilation systems, have their windows closed, and most importantly, stay inside of their households. The spill happened Thursday morning, and the order for those residents were felt for a majority of the day.

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