Crime, News, St. Cloud State — February 28, 2019 at 6:17 pm

E-mail scams circulating around St. Cloud State


A series of e-mail scams have made their way to St. Cloud State’s campus, potentially leaving many students and faculty members scrambling for their wallets.

St. Cloud State Information Technology says a gift card scam will claim to come from a St. Cloud State employee, but won’t come from a University-issued email. This scam involves questions such as “do you have a moment” before offering gift card purchases. There is also an extortion scam that looks like it comes from someone’s own account, claiming that they’ve visited an adult website and unless a Bitcoin fee is paid, pictures will posted on the victim’s contact list.

If you receive any of these e-mails, they should be treated as a cybersecurity threat. You can call an IT technician if you have any questions, and you can forward the suspicious email to Do not reply to the scams.



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