Crime, News — February 14, 2019 at 6:19 pm

Slaying of “Donald Trump” Dog Not Politically Motivated


Authorities have determined that the shooting of a dog named after the President in Southern Minnesota was not based on political differences.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says Alaskan Malamute “Donald Trump” was shot by a neighbor who was “legally protecting their livestock.”

The dog was owned by 59-year-old Randal Thom of Lakefield, a major Trump supporter who has attended 46 of his rallies. At one of the rallies, Trump signed Thom’s picture of the dog, who was born in 2016. the same year Trump was elected into office. This inspired Thom to name him the dog after the Republican nominee.

When the Sunday shooting initially occured, people took to social media to accuse the neighbor, believed to be a Democrat, of killing the dog based on his name. The sheriff’s office cited “violent threats” as something that took place over social media. However, Thom believes that politics did not cause the shooting, although he is “heartbroken.”


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