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Transgender Author Published His Second Book Under His New Name


Writing a book is no easy task but for one author writing a second book was his way of continuing what he started, but this time as his true self.

Nate cannon is a transgender author who is very open about his struggles transitioning from Jennifer to Nate. in his first book, published under his birth name, he talks about his struggles with addiction and his path to recovery. In his new book, published under his new name, Cannon explores the ways his gender transition intersects with his physical disability, his recovery from addiction, and his mental health

“it’s been quite the journey” said Author Nate Cannon

Nate Cannon wrote his first memoir in 2012, six years later he has run 14 marathons, stayed sober, and finished another book. But this time he is excited to see his true name on the cover.

“I’ve gotten so used to crossing out Jennifer and writing Nate on my previous book that it’s going to be strange to not do that going forward with the second book” says Cannon

With his new book ‘Dying to Hang With The Boys’ Cannon says he hope people going through similar situations of addiction or transition, will be able to learn from the mistakes he has made.

“Folks that might read that will then know that they are not alone, and they might be able to obtain a little bit of knowledge that might help carry them forward.” says Cannon

For Cannon, publishing under his new name is momentous step forward. But he says he can’t forget what it took to get him where he is today

“It feels more authentic to me.” Cannon Says “For a while I just wanted to throw that last book away you know what Jenifer is gone I’m now legally hormonally and physically Nate this is who I am forget that. But from what we know about history in general is if I forget my own history and don’t embrace that I might end up going down some of those same paths”

And make people who are usually under represented feel heard.

“I’m trying to give a voice to a story that is not unique to me but might be a voice that hasn’t been heard I think is incredibly important right now

Cannon’s second memoir ‘Dying to hang with the boys’ will be available for purchase later this holiday season.

Here is the full conversation where Cannon not only talked about his new book but also his journey to sobriety, his work with the St. Paul Police, and a new exhibit at the Minnesota Science Museum that features Cannon.

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