Business, Main Menu, Money, News — November 1, 2018 at 1:38 pm

Google Walk Out


Hundreds of Google employees will participate in a “walk out” Thursday morning in protest of the company’s management of high ranking executives accused of sexual misconduct. This comes only one week after a New York Times story explained allegations regarding sexual misconduct against Google’s software creator, Andy Rubin.

This is only the latest installment of backlash against female exploitation in business, politcs, and entertainment. Women are fed up with this male-dominated profession as most of the technology industry has been predominantly men. according to critics, this has led to a glaring imbalance that will to continue foster unsavory behavior towards women.

In 2014, Rubin reportedly received a $90 million severance package even though the information they received regarding the misconduct was found to be credible. Rubin continues to deny the allegations.

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