Entertainment, Local, News — November 1, 2018 at 10:42 am

Safety After Sunset (Halloween)



October 31st will forever be a day where kids can live in a fantasy world, and adults can be a kid again. But amidst all of the spooky scares and frightening laughs, one word should be at the front of all trick or treaters’ mind. And that is safety.

Patrol Sergeant for Public Safety at St. Cloud State University Marcus Hamilton stated, “Make sure that people go out in groups, don’t go out by yourself. If it feels weird it probably is.” On a haunted night like Halloween, going with a gut feeling can prevent an unexpected thrill, but the precautions don’t stop when you get home.

Hamilton added, “Along the same lines, parents stay close to your kids. When they get their candy when they get home at night before the kids start eating candy, inspecting the candy that the kids have. No red flags, nothing is off about it. Other than that normal parental supervision.” Common sense can often be your best safety tactic. Keep your eyes and ears on high alert at all times, and also make sure you don’t get stuck on the streets, too late.

Good times to be out trick or treating are between the times of 4:00pm and 8:00pm.

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