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21 years of fear at Molitor’s Haunted Acres


Molitor’s Haunted Acres is now in its 21st year of operation and continues to entertain and scare people each weekend throughout the month of October. Now that they are 20-plus-years in the making, the Molitor family and staff are ecstatic to be back for another year of frightening customers and it all started simply because it’s a fun experience.

“Growing up, my dad always liked to scare us,” Molitor family member and staff member Caden Vickstrom. “We were his guinea pigs for how many years before he started this and he thought it would always be fun to scare people and 21-years later we are still going strong and making that dream come true.”

At Molitor’s, there are many things going on that terrify the patrons including a haunted hayride, three haunted houses along with areas to relax and sit by a fire and have snacks with friends and family. Going to Molitor’s Haunted Acres is an event that anyone can enjoy no matter what age you are and it’s a thrill for everyone who attends.

A hearse that Molitor’s has parked outside of their Haunted Acres site.

“It’s neat to see the five and six-year-old kids with their parents come through and just laugh and see the forty and fifty-year-old people crying and wetting themselves when they come out,” front security guard Bubba Lenz said.

When Molitor’s first started, it was much smaller than what it is today. When it first began, Vickstrom said Molitor’s only offered a “little hayride” for just a few people to enjoy, but now it is a full-grown business.

“It takes us eight weeks to set up, [and] it takes us about four days to get everything back to where it needed to be and it’s really become a family affair making everything happen,” Vickstrom said.

With it taking nearly two months to manually set everything up for the haunted acres, that’s only one part of the process to getting everything ready. The planning for the new year begins in the summer and the family along with the staff members try to come up with any new ideas they can add to the experience for people. The crew tries to locate new pictures to put up along with many other new additions to keep folks on their toes.

“We try to change things every year but it is a heck of a run so it’s definitely a job to do every year so we do the best we can at it,” Vickstrom said.

One of the many scary props that Molitor’s has set up at their site.

With the fact that Molitor’s has gained such a good reputation, from both their restaurant, “Molitor’s Quarry Grill and Bar,” and their haunted acres site they have people coming from all over the state to enjoy what they have to put on during the month of October.

“We do have a lot of returners,” Vickstrom said. “We are family run, family loved, we have a lot of support of local people and all around the state.”

Molitor’s deems themselves “the scariest plot of land in Central Minnesota,” and when people come for the fun, they ride on a hayride connected to a tractor through the dark woods. Following the ride, people have to walk back and weave through three haunted houses where there are many staff members around to scare people.

“It’s something you can start out with your kids and as your kids get older you can let them go on their own and bring their friends,” Lenz said.

Molitor’s Haunted Acres opens up their doors every weekend during the month of October at 7 p.m. and all ages are welcome, but children under 12-years-old must be with an adult. For more information, be sure to visit their website at https://molitorshauntedacres.com/

To see the story that aired on UTVS News about Molitor’s Haunted Acres with interviews and more photos and videos from Oct. 18, be sure to click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4O-jdme0_I

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