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Minnesota Schools Awarded Mental Health Grant


The Minnesota Department of Human Services awarded $33 million in grants to health providers to bring mental health services to a majority of Minnesota schools. $11 million will be awarded each year over 3 years in order to offer early identification and services to schools. Services from the program include assessment, care coordination, and trainings.

Linked mental health programs are a crucial piece of Minnesota’s mental health services for youths. By placing these services in schools, schools promote mental health as well as provide an opportunity for prevention and intervention in a location they feel safe.

According to¬†Minnesota Department of Human Services Commissioner Emily Piper, “These grants will help us provide needed services to those in need, which is good for parents and kids.”

Over the past 5-year grant that ended this June, 15,000 students had received mental health services from over 900 school programs in almost 300 school districts in Minnesota. The School-Linked Mental health program started in 2006 and has grown to cover 83 of 87 counties in Minnesota. These services are aimed to help children with mental illnesses to not only stay in school, but to be successful. Piper added, “Children need a good start, and if they get the right help at the right time, they can be successful in school and in life.”







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