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Huskies Homecoming Events


“I’m so excited my parents talked about it when they were here and now I get to experience it too” says Karlie Ries, a freshman at SCSU.

Homecoming…a new word to those who call St. Cloud State home., but the university is wasting no time in getting students involved this week. University Program Board’s Special Events Coordinator Stephanie Rosario stated, “Today we had the kickoff event. At the kickoff event we are pretty much having lunch with the campus community, so we are going to be giving away  veggie burgers, hamburgers, and hotdogs.  Also, free stuffed Huskies, you can come and stuff a Huskies which is super exciting.”

After an exciting kickoff event, the University Program Board is just getting started. Rasario added, “Tonight at Blizzardshack, we are really excited, there is going to be live huskies. So we are going to have live huskies come in, so students can interact with Huskies and feel their pride and spirit of being a huskies. We are also going to have the Ferris Wheel that continued from the morning at the kickoff event and there is going to be lots of other little components to it.”

Day one is just the warmup, the main event is Thursday night. National Events Coordinator at the University Program Board Sammy Rude informed that Comedian Dave Coulier, Uncle Joey from Full House, will be performing at Ritsche Auditorium at 7:30pm on October 18. After Uncle Joey takes main stage, It’s time for game day.

Rosaria confirmed that Friday, October 19, there will be a bonfire on the south side of campus before the SCSU Men’s Hockey Game. The bonfire will include s’mores and friends for a good time before the big game. The Bonfire is for friends, but Saturday is for family. Rude States, “Saturday is family day, so there will be a lot of different fun things going on for families to do.

It has been seven years since St. Cloud State has had their last homecoming, and the University Program Board is doing all it can to keep their students involved.



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