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Taking Down a Downtown Name


In St. Cloud MN, there are many little shops, coffee shops and restaurants that make the city unique. One popular place in particular is a coffee shop that goes by the name of ‘Central Perk’ and no, not the one from ‘Friends’ the television show.

“Everyday is different here. The busiest days are usually Friday and Saturday” Allen Sherr the owner of Central Perks explains “We are starting to see more college kids come in and study as the years have progressed.”

Alan Sherr and his wife Odessa took ownership of the coffee shop in 2013 and it has changed his perspective of downtown St. Cloud ever since, “After we opened up down here in St. Cloud I fell in love with downtown, there are so many great people here”.

As business has been solid, they got a phone call in early March that would change their lives forever “Around the third week in March we got a cease and desist order from Time Warner themselves, because they have a ‘Central Perk’ under construction in New York City, and they are planning on creating a national chain across the country”.

With the shocking phone call, a lot more would have to change besides the name “The thing is, changing your name with the state is only 30.00 to 50.00, so that is the easy part, the rebranding is the expensive part” he added. He went into detail describing what would need to change and it would include all the logos would have to be changed, the logos were created by the Sherr’s however, the name ‘Central Perk’ would have to be removed.

Another problem with rebranding is the added expenses, which would take a huge toll on the family. “When you rebrand, we have to remove the name, put a new name on there, and still bring back the people who did the branding for our old stuff… It is a lot of time, and advertising to go through” Allen sighs.

With all the changes came a deadline, “We gave them the information we would have the name changed by July 1st, which was a little later than they wanted, but we haven’t heard back so we are assuming it is okay” Allen expressed.

Central Perk has a total of five employees, and their reactions to the closing, especially Willow Kirby who had only started working there recently. “I have only been around for roughly two and half months” he gushed “I really like who I have worked with, the experience has been really great and I will miss working here a lot”.

Another employee especially close with the owners was very upset about the news that they would be for sale “My son was very upset about the news” Allen says “The first thing out of his mouth when he heard was ‘Dad you have to work harder’ and I replied with ‘Well if that is the case we would be millionaires already’” Allen says with a chuckle.

As one chapter closes, another one will open for Allen and Odessa Sherr, and when asked about a future plan he says, it is too early to tell as of right now. The couple is currently open to here offers to buy the shop if people are interested.


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