Main Menu — April 2, 2018 at 2:16 pm

Oklahoma Teachers Reject Pay Raise



(UTVS) St. Cloud – School teachers in Oklahoma are taking action against their recent pay raise that they believe is simply not enough. Thousands of public school teachers stayed out of the classrooms Monday to instead head to the streets and protest a the raise that reportedly fails to compensate some of the lowest educators salaries in the country. Teachers claim the increase is not enough and are also demanding a change in wages. Oklahoma state Senator, Jospeh Silk states, “From my perspective, we just passed a $447 million tax increase, so that’s a substantial amount of revenue for one year. So, I don’t see the lawmakers doing anything else this year regarding education funding.” 

It’s uncertain of how much longer the protests will continue, as teachers surround Oklahoma’s state capitol today. It’s also uncertain if lawmakers will take a closer look into education funding. Protests are also occurring in Virginia and Kentucky.


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