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St. Cloud benefits from MN job boom


Minnesota just earned a new set of jobs since January. While the benefits have spread across all regions. The Granite City, in particular, gained 262 out 2500 of those new jobs. The state’s unemployment rate sits at 3.3 percent, which is below the national average.

Patti Gartland, President of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation credits a number of reasons as to why St. Cloud performs above the state in job growth. Some of those include institutions of higher education and a multiple industries.

“We have six higher education institutions here in the area and about 25,000 students,” she said. “We also have a diverse economy, our city does not survive on one specific industry.”

While the highly educated workforce plays a major role, manufacturing jobs are also in demand, despite Electrolux, a freezer manufacturer announced it would be closing its doors next year.

“We’re in a position where a lot of manufacturers and employers across the board are really struggling to find and retain a workforce to maintain their needs, they are looking for people who came out of Electrolux to meet their needs.”

Other major industries that have seen growth in St. Cloud include jobs in the education and healthcare sector. Statewide, healthcare and education are seeing a slight decline in employment availability. However, Gartland said there is nothing to be worried about as even healthy economies see a slight dip in some industries since the data has only been around a few months and have the potential to bounce back as the year goes on.

For more information on the data, you can read DEED’s full report below:




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