Crime, News, Sports, State/Region — February 21, 2018 at 4:12 pm

Counterfit tickets cause fans problem Superbowl weekend


Minneapolis, Minnesota – If you thought the only disappointed fans Super Bowl weekend were Patriots fans, think again. According to Minneapolis police, 154 people unknowingly purchased over $900,000 worth of counterfeit Super Bowl tickets. Unfortunately for these fans, the discovery of the purchase of the fake tickets didn’t happen until they arrived at US Bank Stadium for the big game on Super Bowl Sunday.

Nineteen people have been arrested in connection with the counterfeit tickets. According to Minneapolis Police Lieutenant Kim Lund, the number of tickets was seven times higher than last year. The fraud tickets cost fans anywhere between $400-$5000.

According to Shawn Neudauer at the Department of Homeland Security public affairs office, authentic tickets have certain features to look out for that separate them from fake tickets. Neudauer says investigations will continue.

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