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Valentine’s Day: Behind the Scenes


Valentine’s day is most commonly spent with a loved one, sharing gifts and celebrating romance. This holiday doesn’t come without critics but helps to fuel certain retail and service industries locally in St. Cloud.

“Last time it was on a Wednesday we had over 600 deliveries that day, and at least that many pick-ups in the store.” Said Rhoda Paurus, Owner of St. Cloud Floral.

St. Cloud Floral’s back creative space is filled with bouquets ready for delivery, and phones ringing with more orders. Paurus is seen along with all the other employees and guest designers working to make sure all orders are fulfilled.

“We really start planning months ahead of time.” Said Paurus.

It may look like hectic scene to some but a cohesive system keeps everyone together with open dialogue. The employees will work through to the early evening on Valentine’s day, able to spend their evening with loved ones.

“I love that other people love them, but no, I don’t want to see anymore flowers after were all done working” said Christi Poppler, a Guest Designer.




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