State/Region — February 13, 2018 at 5:38 pm

Embracing the Elements at SocialICE



From live music, to hand carved ice sculptures, SocialICE offers something for everybody. This event hosted in Rochester, Minnesota happens once a year in the downtown area’s Peace Plaza. SocialICE also offers a unique experience that residents have taken a liking to. 

“It’s a fun event, it’s something different” said Rochester resident Archna Patel. “It’s something that I can call my parents back home in California and say this is something that I did that I’ve never done before.”

“We’re having so much fun” said SocialICE attendee Brook McGill. “We were on the dance floor, and it has such an energy. Everyone that is here is so excited to be here, and it’s honestly the best event that Rochester has to offer.”

Despite being an outdoor event held in the cold month of February, residents haven’t decided to hide indoors, but rather have learned to adapt to the temperature.

“I have two layers of pants on, multiple sweaters, gloves, and then mittens on top of this. I have learned that mittens are way warmer than gloves.” said Patel.

As for others, some of them aren’t phased by the cold at all.

“I’ve seen so many people wearing less than a parka.” said McGill.

SocialICE always appeals to the idea that Minnesotans are proud of the climate that comes with this northern state.

“It’s definitely something that is unique but also helps us embrace where we are and gives us something to be proud of that most places aren’t ever going to be able to get naturally.” said Patel.

“It’s so cool that everyone hates the cold, but this is awesome that everyone can come together and have a good time.” said McGill.

This years event may be over, but the committee is already beginning to prepare for SocialICE 2019.


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