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Government Budget Bill Stalls in Senate

Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky held up a potential budget Senate vote Thursday afternoon.


Congress has continued its work today to prevent another government shutdown with a bipartisan budget bill. Early on Thursday lawmakers expressed confidence that a deal would be reached in the Senate to allow the House of Representatives and the President to approve the bill before the deadline. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) of Wisconsin said that should the bill pass to the House that Republicans would have the votes necessary to pass it through his chamber as well.

The bill has hit a roadblock before even reaching the House of Representatives however, as Senator Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky has exercised a rule allowing Senators to hold up the process of voting in the Senate. Senator Paul said that both Republicans and Democrats are “spending us into oblivion.” This holdup prevents a bill that had enough support to have been sent on to the House today if not for Sen. Paul’s hold on the vote. A shutdown is now likely for the second time in two months should a compromise not be reached before midnight.

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