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To Caucus or Not to Caucus?


(UTVS)Tonight at 7PM CST Minnesotans will have their first chance to engage in the political process with Caucus day.


Democrats and Republicans will go to their respective locations to decide on delegates being sent to the conventions, resolutions to be debated, and the first gubernatorial straw poll.


The process is an important step in deciding the issues that are important to the local community, and a way to have access to politicians making the decisions in Twin Cities.


“Caucus day is when people from all across Minnesota go to their political parties and get involved with their neighbors to make an impact on the platform of their party. Also, the endorsement of their candidates.” Said Justin Lewandowski, St. Cloud’s Lead Organizer for Isaiah Group.


The process can be lengthy depending on the number of attendees, and sometimes resemble organized chaos.


“That’s the beauty of it, all the people coming together.” said Sue Rice, Chair of SD14 BPOU for the Republican party.


The importance of the event is the ability to get involved with your preferred party and engage at a grass roots level.


“Make sure to get there early” said Lewandowski.


For more information on specific locations to caucus visit caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us

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