Main Menu — December 4, 2017 at 11:36 am

Cover the Town- Salvation Army Bell Ringing


Last Thursday marked the 6th annual Cover the Town bell ringing. This is an event in which 40-50 volunteers bell ring at 22 different locations within the St. Cloud area. Two hours of bell ringing can raise on average of 100 dollars, which is enough to provide 40-50 people with a healthy meal, provide emergency groceries for 30 people, or provide a family with two nights of lodging. The Salvation army is an organization that has been giving back to the community for so long and they only are continuing to give back each and every holiday season. This night was filled with joy and happiness, from both the volunteers as well as those who donated. So make sure the next time you hear the bell ring, you stop and give back to an organization that has helped so many, over the last few years.

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