News, State/Region — November 28, 2017 at 9:11 pm

Increase in pet adoptions around the holidays


ST.CLOUD, Minnesota – If you’ve never considered adopting a pet before, a quick trip to the St. Cloud Tri County Humane Society might change your mind. With so many furry friends looking for a home it’s hard to not want to take one home.

Although the Tri County Human Society gets a lot of visitors throughout the year, they say that adoptions increase around the holidays. Kayla Koscielniak, the Tri County Humane Society Marketing Coordinator, said, “it [an adoption] usually works out really well, we do see an increased amount of adoptions this time of year just because people do like to see pets go home for the holidays”. 

Adoptions are typically an exciting moment not only for the person or family adopting the pet, but for the pet as well. Despite the excitement around adoption, Kate Compass, Volunteer and Humane Education Coordinator, urges those considering adoption to make sure they are ready for the responsibility, especially in the case of a pet being a gift.

“We always recommend that you tell the person first that ‘hey you’re getting this’, unless you’re positive they’re going to want it…it’s a living thing you’re going to have to take care of for the rest of its life, but we see a lot of happy endings come out of December” said Compass.

If you decide adoption isn’t the best option for you at the time there are still plenty of ways to be involved in these pets’ lives. Volunteering is one option, while fostering pets is another. Koscielniak wants to remind people that being in a shelter such as the Tri County Humane Society isn’t always as bad an experience for pets as it’s thought to be.

“People sometimes get sad when they think of pets coming to a shelter…but this is a very short period in their life and they get a lot of exposure here and, although it may seem scary for a moment, they get a lot of friendly faces coming in and looking at them” said Koscielniak.

There are many pets available for adoption at the St. Cloud Tri County Humane Society that just might be the perfect fit for your family. If you’re interested, you can see the pets for yourself by stopping at the Tri County Humane Society or you can visit their website at or call them at 320-252-0896 for more information.

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