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Minnesota Cold Weather


Minnesota Cold Weather

ST. CLOUD, Minn, Summer is long gone, and in its place comes Jack Frost’s cold winter bite sooner than we’d like. Many people have become complacent with the ever dropping temperatures in Minnesota, but these freezing temps can present a whole variety of dangers.

Serious Dangers Include:

  • Frostbite
  • hypothermia
  • Higher risk of sinus infections
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning from bad heating units
  • Higher risk of falling through thin ice

Many people in Minnesota don’t think too much about the dangers the chilly temperatures bring, but like with any risk, taking preventative measures is the best way to prepare for them.

Wearing layers is the best way to protect your body from mother nature. Wind chill is often a factor people forget to take into account, but is a large component in causing frostbite. You can get frostbite when the temperatures is around zero degrees Fahrenheit with wind, so it best to protect your extremities. It is recommended that you wear a hat, mittens, scarf that protects your face including your nose, and warmer winter coat when going outdoors.

Though the last few weeks have been below average temperatures, the rest of the season is expected to be warmer. This, however, shouldn’t deter people from taking precaution in chilly temperatures. Improper coverage and prolonged exposure can result in very serious health risks.

Keeping up to date heating units and carbon monoxide detectors in your house are easy ways to prevent an accident. Being aware of temperatures and ice levels in your area are always smart ideas so you know what to be wearing or where to be going.

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