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Saudi Women driving ban lifted







RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced Tuesday that they will allow women to drive for the first time next year in June, 2018.

This comes as good news and a major step forward for women rights. For decades, Saudi women endured arrests and harassment for getting caught driving. The kingdom’s ban on women driving had a negative international publicity for years as both Islamic law and Saudi traffic law does not prohibit women from driving. However, Saudi women were never allowed to apply to a driver license.

Prince Khaled bin Salman, the King’s son and Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington said “letting women drive is a huge step forward”.

The news was announced on state TV and state-run Saudi press in the form of a royal decree. A committee will be formed to implement the ban lift which will allow women to drive next summer. Saudi Arabia is currently the only country in the world that doesn’t allow women to drive.


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