Creating a Tighter Zone


ST. CLOUD, Minn;  The state of Minnesota has been discussing the issue of injuries in sports for some time now, but recently, the MSHSL released new regulations for baseball in regards to injuries due to pitching. These new regulations include monitored pitch counts and recovery time. This means that and pitcher at the varsity level has a maximum of 105 pitches that they can throw in a single regular season game. For recovery time, if the pitchers throw over 75 pitches in a game, they a required three days rest.

Athletic Trainer, Kenna Olsen says, “They are going to have more rest and its going to be more regulated in terms of how many pitches they can have, ad how many pitches they can pitch at one time. It will benefit us in the long run”.

Besides regulating pitch counts, there are other ways to prevent arm injuries like these from happening. “In college we work a lot on shoulder recovery programs. It’s been a focus for the past few of years. It can help to strengthen the rotator cuff. The idea being that you do it as quick as you can after pitching live and it is going to help you recover faster”. said Olsen.

St. Cloud State Pitcher, Sheldon Miks says “Your mechanics are a big factor. If you are putting a lot of stress on your elbow for mechanics, that could be a factor and that could change”.

The regulations put into place by the MSHSL are currently in effect during the 2017 high school baseball season in the state of Minnesota

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