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Inspiration To Help The Community…From Bob Barker


ST. CLOUD(Minn.)-

At one point in our lives, we have all had a chance to sit down and watch the hour-long daytime game show, The Price Is Right. And we all reflect on the days that Bob Barker used to host, who would always end every show segment with his infamous phrase: “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

This phrase helped inspire one business man to help step up and make a difference once he started his own company.

“I started St. Cloud Subaru about ten years ago, and I talked to my wife about doing charity donations right away,” said owner and president Scott Bement. “I just knew that I wanted to help contribute to the community, and wanted to do something that would help benefit kids.”

Ten years later, Bement is still donating to different organizations around the Granite City area that aim to help kids in education and outreach, and better their opportunities for chances to get to college.

“About 90 percent of our focus is on children’s charities, like youth football, mentoring, nutrition, education, and teaching good habits,” said Bement.

The Boys & Girls Club of Central Minnesota was surprised to receive a large donation from Subaru this year, as they were given $52,000 last year to help with expenses.

“We are so grateful for Subaru’s leadership in helping programs for kids in central Minnesota,” said Mark Sakry, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club in Central Minnesota. “This is going to really help with making sure that kids get a good breakfast in their system before heading out to school.”

With over 1000 kids being helped at three different locations in St. Cloud, any and all help that the Boys & Girls Club can get, they will graciously take.

“We probably spend about $10,000 a year just on cartons of milk to help give a complete and balanced breakfast for each kid,” said Sakry.  “We are forever grateful of the help that St. Cloud Subaru has given us, and continues to give us.”

For more information about The Boys & Girls Club, you can visit their websites at


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