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Learning About Healthy Living


SAUK RAPIDS, Minn.- Since last fall the dietary team and the pharmacy team go together to start an event called Wellness Wednesday. This event has been scheduled to occur every second Wednesday of the month at three Coborn’s locations one of which is in Sauk Rapids, MN. Each Wednesday the Coborn’s team has talked about different health topics. This month they discussed different ways to get all of your daily nutrients along with different ways to prepare your meals.

Wellness Wednesday is hosted by Ashley Kibutha who is the Supermarket Registered Dietitian and is also hosted by Jason Miller the Pharmacy Clinical Program Manager but even though they are teaching the seminar they are learning themselves.

Kibutha says, “It’s always good for me to hear these tips as well, and just remember that okay yes I can do this in my daily life as well.” and for Miller he says, ” One that really shocked me was when she made this healthy brownie and the main ingredient is black beans.” and he thought, “no way, and it was actually really delicious.”

The dietitian and pharmacy team at Coborn’s have also started a healthy check lane. Within this lane to team took out all unhealthy snacks and replaced those items with healthy alternatives such as salads, yogurt, fruit cups, and much more.

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