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Husky Sports Band Responds to Adversity


ST. CLOUD, Minn. –

The St. Cloud State University Husky Sports Band has had to deal with change as their long time band director of 11 years, Glen Tuomaala left the university when his wife accepted a job in Ohio.

The band members were informed of his upcoming departure after their performance at a St. Cloud State basketball game in late February.

“I loved Tuomaala. He was easily the best director that I’ve ever had,” said Hailey Claseman, St. Cloud State Husky Sports Band President.

After holding a meeting that included current, past, and alumni members of the Husky Sports Band, the band decided that they still need to move on in Toumaala’s absence.

“We really focused on what we need to do to make sure that this band stays alive past his legacy … band was always a place for us as therapy,” said Andre Brown, St. Cloud State Freshman Drum Major.

While the transition has been a challenge for all, Hailey Claseman, who just became president of the organization on Tuesday, April 6, has taken on a much larger role. Claseman says she knew what she was getting into by taking over the role.

“This is something that I wanted to do. I absolutely love this band,” said Claseman.

The band held their last practice of the year on March 10, and Claseman says that things will be different, as they do not know who their next band director will be.

“As much as it was a fun time, there was just that little bit of bittersweet that we weren’t quite sure what was coming next,” said Claseman.

While the next director is still being figured out, the band class at St. Cloud State University will still be offered fall semester, 2017.

No auditions are needed to join the band, and Claseman encourages all to come and try it.





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