National, News — March 31, 2017 at 10:47 am

Celebrating National Crayon Day


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – If you’re feeling nostalgia for your childhood then break out the crayons!

Today is National Crayon Day, celebrating the original arts-and-crafts utensil. While people are coloring all over the U.S., Crayola used today to announce the retirement of one of their colors.

Dandelion, a bright yellow shade, is stepping down from the box. The Crayola website featured the crayon travelling around the world, making stops in major cities. Executives announced which color was retiring over Facebook Live earlier this morning. They also promised that the color will be replaced by two new ones, although what kind of colors won’t be announced until May.

In celebration of today, people are reminding themselves how important crayons are to young artists. St. Cloud State Art Department Chair Justin Quinn says that crayons symbolize childhood and the beginning of creative thinking.

“Every kind can use crayons, and it’s really associated with the creativity in childhood,” Quinn said.

The importance of art isn’t lost by St. Cloud community members. The “Art As You Like It” studio in town has the policy that everyone can be an artist-no matter how old. With classes available throughout the week, everyone is invited to join the fun.

“Art As You Like It” Manager Charlene Ridlon says her favorite part is seeing all of the smiles that leave after a long day of painting and ceramic-making.

“Art is important because it builds that creative muscle in your mind,” she said. “It’s a really wonderful way of self-expression and discovery.”

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