Giving Back to Baseball


ST. CLOUD, Minn; One local man found a way to give back to his community and the sport of baseball. Brett DeGagne grew up in the Sauk Rapids area and played baseball for Sauk Rapids High School. DeGagne then went on to play Division one baseball for the university of North Dakota.

“I was kind of a reliever and then I got to my third year of eligibility and I broke into the starting rotation, and I was a starter form there” DeGagne said.

DeGagne also played for the St. Cloud Rox during the Summer time and was able to gain more experience and insight on the game of baseball. “With the Rox I kind of did both, whatever needed to be fit. We had some really good players on those teams and it kind of gave me an opportunity to do both” said DeGagne.




He now returns to his home roots to continue his passion for the game. DeGagne found himself a position as a Graduate Assistant and Pitching Coach at St. Cloud State University. As a recent graduate, he is able to offer a closer look at the players insight and accommodate his coaching style to the players.

“He’s a players coach, he likes to crack jokes, he’s funny, he is one of the guys” said Senior Pitcher, Sheldon Miks.

DeGagne continues his efforts on and off the field with the Huskies and is making an impact by sharing and teaching all of the things he was taught.

“I just had a lot of great information from a lot of great people that I really trusted and helped me along in my career that I’m trying to instill in our guys and I’m continually learning whether its going to conventions and stuff like that” said DeGagne.


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