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The Man Behind Cathedral Athletics


St. Cloud, Minn —

Emmett Keenan has been the Activities Director at Cathedral High School in St. Cloud for 19 years. In that time, his teams have gone to state tournaments 12 times in baseball, twice in boys basketball and six times in boys hockey. But don’t be so quick to give him all the credit.

“It has nothing to do with the department or me, I can tell you that much. The combination of the coaches and kids, they work hard and they put in the time and it matters to them to be successful, and that’s a pretty good recipe,” says Keenan.

Despite having so much success in the Minnesota High School level, he says he’s just thankful for the opportunity.

“We’ve been to the State Tournament this winter in dance team, boy’s hockey and boy’s basketball,” Keenan says, “and I hope we never take things like that for granted because there are people that never get that opportunity.”

He also says he’d never be where he is without the experience of his coaches and more importantly, his players.

“There are coaches that have coached here for 40 years, we also have some younger coaches that have been here for five to ten years that have learned from those older coaches and the way they coach,” remarked Keenan. “We’ve been to state before, but to have rapid fire like that where you go for basketball and hockey, it’s incredible, just great for our school and our programs to have that experience.

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