News — November 29, 2016 at 8:21 pm

Health Care Aid


ST. PAUL, Minn-  It has been announced that a portion of Minnesotan residents will be able to receive financial aid for health insurance in 2017. Around 57 % of health insurance customers in Minnesota qualify for assistance, while the rest have to pay full price. This has been considered an issue in the Minnesota senate because some argue that there could be people in the other 43% that don’t have a big enough income for health insurance to be easily affordable. MNsure said on Tuesday that the average subsidy for healthcare is $637. This amount is triple of what the average subsidy was last year. Governor Mark Dayton has called for a rebate to attempt to include more people who can receive financial aid. Up to 30,000 have bought private insurance since November 1st and enrollment ends at the end of January.

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