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Building from behind bars


Rockville Builds Rink
ROCKVILLE, MN – With fall leaves just hitting the ground, it may be too early to talk about winter. It is not too early for Rockville park-goers, thanks to a newly completed hockey rink.

While the rink is only dirt on the ground now, it will shortly be slated with ice.

“When we get into ice season, then we are going to start layering the ice on there,” says Paul Wirth, Rockville Park Board member.

The reason for this positive addition has stemmed from some bad behavior. The rink was build by Sentence to Serve, or STS. STS is a program from Stearns County corrections where an eligible inmate can serve his or her time through community service. For some of the workers, it was their first time ever picking up a hammer.

The crew worked on and off during the summer months to complete construction, but they took away more than a set of skills.

“The longer you work with them, the more they were proud of what they were doing,” says Wirth, who took on the project.

“You could really see it coming together.”

The Rockville community did have some concerns with the project. Wirth says they were worried most about the safety involved with STS.

Although, in the end, the community will be able to take away just as much as those who built the rink.

“It was well needed for winter,” says Wirth.

“It will benefit more communities than Rockville. Since this is public land [youth hockey] can come here anytime they want to practice.”

Wirth listed Coldspring, Paynesville and Kimball as just a few of the communities that will use the rink.

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