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ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – An auction held at Rollie’s Rednecks & Longnecks Bar to raise funds for families dealing with autism on Saturday April 9, 2016.

Ultimate Autism foundation is aimed at gathering resources to help families with autism go further than Insurance companies can take them. “There is such a variety of Symptoms and treatments that people with autism [have and need] that insurance companies don’t like to pay for,” Said Cathie Ahrens Feld, secretary of the Ultimate autism foundation.

Funds raised from this auction would help families pay for training, medical expenses and therapy equipment that are not covered by insurance. These resources could help the families lead happy, healthy and independent lives that could help them learn, grow and develop.

The ultimate autism foundation is a non-profit organization, started by Cathie and her brother Tim Duel 6 years ago. Cathie’s autistic son Evan Lanpher needed more care and equipment than his insurance could cover. He was unable to ride bikes or carry out other activities for lack of adequate training. Cathie turned his brother for help. “My sister…asked if I could help her do a benefit to help her go to Massachusetts [to the Autism Treatment Center of America],” Said Tim Duel, Chairman of the Board and Cathie’s Brother.

After Cathie got the help she needed, they decided to continue the benefit, to help other families in need.

When asked how the money gets distributed, Tim said “We have…a grant application, they fill it out, they get it back to us…we look it over and make a decision to either A, give them the money, or B, …other resources.” He added that they make sure individuals have taken advantage of services offered by the county and the state before the Ultimate Autism Foundation steps in to help. They hope to serve as a last resort, when all else has failed.

The Ultimate Autism Foundation has since helped families get assistive equipment like three-wheel bicycles to help balance, a trampoline, and Cathie got to go to the autism Treatment Center in Massachusetts for special treatment training., to help her better take care of her son, and others in need. They hope to continue reaching the “Autism Community,” said Keith Anderson, Manager of donations, Ultimate Autism Foundation.

As a 501-C3, the foundation strictly working for the Autism Community. All labor is volunteer and none of their volunteers get paid. Everything they earn, according to Tim, goes to the foundation. Cathie encourages families dealing with autism to come to them for help as they have money and are able to help some of these families.

You can reach the Ultimate Autism Foundation through their website at www.ultimateautism.org , or on Facebook by searching Ultimate Autism Foundation. They can also be reached at their events. They encourage people to walk up to them and ask for help.


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