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LGBT reaction to gay bar


LGBT Pride Flag
LGBT Pride Flag

ST. CLOUD, MN – Biology 701 will be the first gay bar in downtown St. Cloud. It will open in about a month pending the approval of their liquor license. A long with excitement and buzz, the fear of backlash isn’t forgotten.

“It’s creating that buzz in St. Cloud,” said Shiyanke Goonetilleke, LGBT member and graduate assistant. “There may be individuals or community members who may have negative reactions.”

Biology 701 finds out if their liquor license is approved at the Oct. 10 city council meeting. If approved, Biology 701 will open Oct. 15 or on Halloween on the corner of 7th Avenue and West St. Germain.

Minnesota might be at the top of the pyramid as an LGBT friendly state and Minneapolis the most gay-friendly city, but there are some speculations on how people will react to the gay bar opening.

“I think it certainty is a valid concern that attacks may be possible and as terrible as it is it may happen,” said Sam Wanous, LGBT member and SCSU student.

“We’re a strong community and we’re not going anywhere.”

St. Cloud LGBT community members experience hate crimes and discrimination in St. Cloud, especially over this past summer. So there is controversy over whether or not hate crimes will arise because of Biology 701.

“I think it’s going to be a very warm welcoming safe place for everybody in the LGBT community to go even if your not part of the LGBT community.. It’s gonna be an awesome bar to hangout at,” said Kayla Czech, LGBT ally and SCSU student.

Will there be any backlash? All there is to do is wait and see but we can only hope that the St. Cloud community is welcoming and accepting of a gay bar in downtown.

“It’s good that their coming despite of any negative anticipation, ” Wanous said.

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