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It gives you wings


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Something parachuted onto campus today and it gives you wings.

“I think they do a good job with the giving you wings thing,” says Jolynn Mcalpine, an SCSU student.

A crate of Red Bull with a parachute was provided to people on SCSU’s campus as a care package for finals week.

“Maybe to keep people focused on studying. I think it’s good for studying. I drink energy drinks so it helps me,” Mcalpine said. When describing how to tell if someone is drinking Red Bull she says, “They’re usually really hyper and chatty, talking a lot.”

During finals week there will be a variety of organizations giving away goodies for people on SCSU’s campus.

This will most likely happen at Atwood Mall which is located in between Atwood, Centennial and Stewart Hall.

There was hundreds of cans of Red Bull for free.

According to SCSU’s assistant director of health promotions, Troy Shafer, moderation is key.

“In drinking caffeine some people can tolerate it some people can’t. Do we just automatically assume that must be healthy?” Shafer said. “And then when you read the particular labels it’s always interesting.”

When asked what the negative effects of Red Bull are Shafer says, “You hear the extremes that a person would maybe get dehydrated, have heart palpitations or maybe they had some heart problems but those are the extremes. Moderation, one or two, is it going to do anything to yah? Probably not.”

SCSU student Brady Roots says it only took from 8 to 9:30 a.m. for students to grab all the goodies.

“There’s nobody around like to say only take one,” Roots said. “So I just like went in there and opened up the bottom compartment of my backpack and just filled it all the way full.”

The crate was left unsupervised and with the Red Bull being free the cans flew away faster than a bull with wings.

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