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SCSU grad brings technology into classroom


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Little Falls Community High School (LFCHS) is one of a handful of schools in Minnesota to incorporate iPads into the classroom.

This is an effort to bring technology into classrooms. Paula Marozas, a 2011 graduate of SCSU, is now teaching math at LFCHS and says SCSU prepared her for her journey.

Marozas says it has been quite a journey because her first year of teaching has been the first year of the iPad initiation. She says all teachers have been incorporating the iPads into their classes, but it is a big difference compared to traditional lesson plans.

“In my classroom I’ve been doing what’s called flipping the classroom where I’ve been making videos of lessons,” Marozas said. “With my videos I make them see me going through problems so they have the auditory and the visual.”

Math teacher shows off the iPad she uses effectively in class.

Paula Marozas created this video for her high school level math students.

The iPads are effective ways to enhance the learning environment. All different kinds of technology can be used for all types of subjects and age levels. It adds a nontraditional way of learning says Merton Thomson, the Chair for Information Media.

Thompson says the traditional way of teaching is rows of students who are all listening to the teacher at the same time. Whereas, with technology, students are able to get involved and participate more.

“We like to place kids in nice neat rows and have all focus and attention on the teacher and it is a model and has it place, but I think we need to look at other models,” Thompson said.

Information Media is am important part of SCSU’s education department. It used to be located in the James W. Miller Learning Resources Center but now has its offices in the Education Building. This allows Information Media to be more involved on with education students.

Information Media is dedicated to preparing future educators about how to incorporate technology into their lesson plans. Thompson says it is because of a lack of funding that schools still look like they did in the nineteenth century.

“If somebody fell asleep for a hundred years and they woke up and walked into a factory would they recognize it? Probably not. If they walked into a bank would they recognize it? Probably not. If they walked into a school would they recognize it? Probably,” Thompson said. “That’s a little bothersome.”

Information Media looks at a collaborative and comprehensive approach to education. SCSU offers future educators a great opportunity to learn about the future transformations of education through technology.

Kisten Daniels, a special education student at SCSU, is currently enrolled in an information media class. One of her assignments for class is below and she says she’s learned a lot about using multimedia in schools.

Kristen Daniels created this video for her information media class and it’s a digital video for elementary level students.

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