Author: Jacob Cersosimo

Safety After Sunset (Halloween)

  October 31st will forever be a day where kids can live in a fantasy world, and adults can be a kid again. But amidst all of the spooky scares and frightening laughs, one word should be at the front of all trick or treaters’ mind. And that is safety. Patrol Sergeant for Public Safety at St. Cloud State University […]

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What would you do with $1.6 Billion?

“Tonight’s Mega Millions Jackpot is worth a record breaking $1.6 Billion.”   The Mega Millions ticket had millions of Americans dreaming about quitting their jobs this morning, but only one lucky buyer in South Carolina can actually hand in their letter of resignation. For the rest of you back to work, and keep asking yourself the 1.6 billion dollar question, […]

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Huskies Homecoming Events

“I’m so excited my parents talked about it when they were here and now I get to experience it too” says Karlie Ries, a freshman at SCSU. Homecoming…a new word to those who call St. Cloud State home., but the university is wasting no time in getting students involved this week. University Program Board’s Special Events Coordinator Stephanie Rosario stated, […]

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